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Cool Apps To Fire Up Your Instagram Stories

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As we all know, apart from photos Instagram is a platform to share stories. Although Instagram stories aren't permanent (up for only 24 hours) we want them to be alluring and enthralling. Isn't it? However the in-built features tied to Instagram are insufficient/unsatisfactory. Therefore today we are going to mention some third party cool apps to fire up your Instagram stories. 

Cool Apps To Fire Up Your Instagram Stories

Along with their own renovation and developments, Instagram has been bringing out the best features from Snapchat. This is one of the reasons Instagram stories are taking over Snapchat as the former has 200+ million users compared to 160+ million users of the latter.Among this massive user base, your stories need to emerge and stand out. So without further delay, here are the cool apps to fire up your Instagram stories.

#1. Inshot - Add music to your Instagram Stories

cool apps to fire up your Instagram storiesMerge and trim instagram videosAdd music to instagram stories

There are times when we get a video with a cacophonous background sound. You need not worry anymore. Inshot is a wonderful tool with 1 million users which helps you to add music to your instagram videos. It boasts of being the best Instagram video/photo editor with no crop and no watermark. It also allows you to merge and trim videos, add stickers and emojis and what not.

#2. Drool

Drool is a less known app which magically convert photos into fascinating and amazing experiences to be shared. It allows you to add droolies which are none other than attractive stickers. Most importantly it has location based designer photo filers and uses your location, time of the day, events in your locality to generate unique photo filters for your photos.

#3. Seezer 

Instagram storiesinstagram stories apps

Seezer is not yet another app. It deserves to be on the list of cool apps to fire up your Instagram stories. The mix feature allows you create appealing photos by combing two pictures and adding another detail. There is so much to this app that other apps lack. Try it out right away. 

#4. Hyperlapse


If you are a vivid Instagram user you may have come across Hyperlapse. Evidently Instagram limits your instagram sories to 15 seconds. And most of the time this time limit isn't enough. This is where Hyperlapse comes into action. With this app you can fit more into your instagram story by speeding up the video (ranging from 1x to 32x, cool enough?). 

It is available for both Android and iOS.

#5. CutStory

cutstory instagram stories

CutStory is an iOS only app which allows us to split long videos and upload them as instagram stories. You will get 10 second pieces which you can further post on Instagram. Also it bypasses the 24 hour limit i.e. it makes a video available even if it wasn't created in the last 24 hour timeframe.


So guys these were the cool apps to fire up your Instagram Stories. For obvious reasons we didn't add Flipagram (because its a handy name for you folks). However if you've got another interesting app which deserves to be on this list, feel free to share with us on the comments section below.  

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