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How To Download Torrents with IDM

how to download torrents with IDM

Probably most of us download torrent files the traditional way (i.e. through a BitTorrent client). However at times we get exhausted of the slow download speed due to poor number of seeders and it somewhat makes the task troublesome. Therefore, we thought to present you with a guide on how to download torrents with IDM.

How to download torrents with IDM

Internet Download Manager is far by the best download manager for Windows. It downloads the file by parts and offers resume capability. However, there isn’t any option to direct download torrents from within the app. Luckily; ZbigZ provides the solution to the question how to download torrents with IDM. So here’s how you should proceed.

1. Firstly download your .torrent file or simply copy the magnet URL. In my case I am going to copy the magnet URL of a Game of Thrones episode (simply because I can't wait for more seeders to load).

2. Next, head on to the ZbigZ Website. Sign up for a free account. Its fast and easy. Within seconds you will be on their dashboard.

3. Now just paste the Magnet URL or simply click the upload button to upload your .torrent file and press ENTER. In the next page select the free cloud.
how to download torrents with idm
4. Your file will be added to My Files (chances are your file is already seeded). Now download it in video format or zip format.
download torrents with idm

5. And finally IDM download box will pop up. Voila ! That's it. Wasn't downloading torrents with IDM easy as a pie ?
how to download torrents with idm
So above was a sweet and simple guide on how to download torrents with IDM.

ZbigZ offers both FREE and Premium services. The only and major downside with the free subscription is that it allows files only upto 1 GB. For files higher than this file limit you need to upgrade your account.  

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